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4 Ways to Keep Your System Up and Running in the El Paso Heat

Summertime is full on in El Paso and that means the cooling system, whether it’s refrigerated air or evaporative cooler, is going to be tested to the maximum. So, let’s make sure your AC is running at its best!

A regularly maintained cooling system helps homeowners benefit from long system life, lower utility bills, enhanced indoor air quality and decreases the likelihood you’ll have to call us out on the hottest day of the year to have your system repaired when it does decides to fail.

These 4 easy tasks, if done regularly, will help you prevent costly repairs to your cooling system during the highest temperatures of the El Paso summer heat:

Change Your Air Filter(s)

Air filters catch all pollens, dust, bugs, viruses, pet dander and lint to properly clean and flow the air into your home. A clogged and dirty air filter not only supplies allergens and maximizes dust into your living spaces, it also makes your cooling system have to work harder. This costs you more in utility bills, but it also can compromise the operation of your refrigerated air conditioner. Need help remembering to change the air filter? Check out our home delivery service…the right filter, delivered at the right times! https://experthvacandrefrigeration.com/filter-fetch/

Get Your Annual Maintenance Checks: once for cooling season; once for heating season

It’s not too late! A summertime preventive maintenance check is exactly that: PREVENTION! All working parts are tested and evaluated for continued operation. Basic cleaning of obstructions in and out of the condensing units are done. And, your filters are changed. We’ll test your thermostat to make sure it is operating properly. Which brings us to this point:

Consider Changing Out the Thermostat

While thermostats “work” at optimum efficiency for about 5-7 years, they do slowly fail. During this time, your system is being directed by a control that is not performing at its peak. This can cause your system to run overtime. The thermostat is the brains of the system, and it should be changed out to continue to provide the highest efficiency and energy savings as possible. We have some great options, like the Nest Learning Thermostat, that don’t cost much…and will actually pay themselves off in a short period.

Convert to Refrigerated Air

It’s been humid lately. And, it’s going to get even more humid here in El Paso for the coming monsoon season. If you are running a swamp cooler, you don’t need us to tell you how uncomfortable your home is when it is even the slightest bit humid. Humidity is terrible for comfort, but did you know that it also affects the contents of your home? Woods, like cabinetry, pianos, and doors can become warped through expansion and contraction caused by extra humidity. Upholstery and carpeting will pull in any extra moisture in your home caused by humidity and create odors and just make you feel wet. When you convert to refrigerated air, you’ll experience a level of comfort and cleanliness you never thought possible. Converting to refrigerated air also adds value to your home and keeps your utility bills in check. Money is saved when you convert. It is possibly the best investment you can make in your El Paso home today!

Gain peace of mind this summer knowing that your cooling system is running the best it can. For repairs, maintenance and estimates on your refrigerated air system or swamp cooler, call the experts at Expert HVAC and Refrigeration at 915-598-1732 or visit us at www.ai9.co


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