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Replacing Your Cooling System? Read This First!


You knew it was coming because that old air conditioning system can no longer keep up with the extreme heat here in El Paso. It just never shuts off!

It’s probably time to look for a replacement. “But, where do I start?” you may ask. Here are a few things you can do to make this task a little easier and even gain confidence that you have taken some of the proper steps for your impending decision:

Do Your Research

You’ll want to learn about all of the different air conditioner options available today. Today, more than ever before, options mean you can choose from various efficiency levels (the higher the efficiency or SEER, the more you’ll save on utility bills). There are also many brands. Amana brand is known for it’s cool, quiet, long lasting operation. And, the warranty is the best in the business. It’s why Expert HVAC and Refrigeration only sells Amana brand HVAC equipment. But, don’t take it from us, read our reviews from others who have installed Amana equipment. And, ask around…you’ll soon find out that Amana is the way to go!

Consider Your Needs

Do you suffer from allergies? Do you have hot and cold spots in your home? Too much dust? Are you concerned about soaring energy costs? These are the things you’ll want to bring up with the expert at the time of your in-home estimate. We have add-on solutions like air cleaners, duct cleaning and sealing, and variable speed equipment to meet your needs, lessen your worries, and provide you with more comfort as it relates to cooling your home.

Schedule an Estimate…or Two

You may not know the questions to ask at the time of estimate. That’s why Expert HVAC and Refrigeration’s knowledgeable sales and technicians can help you understand what is the best system for you. We’re trained and highly skilled on properly sizing the HVAC system for the home. Consideration to the layout of your home is important, too. Even placement of windows and the thermostat can play a role in your comfort. This is the conversation you will have with an Expert HVAC and Refrigeration estimator to make sure you have been properly fitted with the right system that you may not have with another estimating contractor.

Cost and Financing

We understand that there is never a good time to spend the amount of money it costs to replace an air conditioning system, that’s why we have many price points for varying equipment options and financing with low monthly payments. Our experts will provide you with all of the options at your estimate.

For a replacement for a new cooling system, call the experts at Expert HVAC and Refrigeration. We’re ready to help you!

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